Bionic Tower,Camouflaged Tower,camouflaged cell towers,

classifications of communication tower, signal transmission tower
July 26, 2018
double-circuit transmission line tower
Transmission Steel Tower shape,Power tower shape classification
July 27, 2018

Bionic Tower,Camouflaged Tower,camouflaged cell towers,

Bionic Tower,Camouflaged Tower,camouflaged cell towers,

Bionic Tower,Camouflaged Tower,camouflaged cell towers,

The bionic tower is to coordinate the communication tower with the surrounding natural environment, effectively solving the problem of difficult construction in scenic spots and other places. The product is made of synthetic resin as a binder, supplemented with high-grade chemical raw materials to make plastic objects, used as trees. Sculpture bases such as rods, tree branches, bark, and roots are sprayed with advanced acrylic paint to modify the surface and enhance durability. It has no fading for 5 years, no cracking, no peeling effect, and recoatability.

 1. Main rod: single tube alloy steel member

      2. One-time treatment of tree stem surface: hot-dip galvanizing anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, 50-year anti-corrosion standard

      3, the secondary treatment of the tree bar surface: external application of composite polymer integrated bionic bark, high wave permeability, no cracking and no aging.

      4, leaves: the use of anti-UV PU environmental protection materials. Super corrosion resistance, aging resistance and high temperature, reaching Class I flame retardant index, 20 years design life.

      5. Use places: hotels, parks, commercial streets, plazas, rivers, stations, high-end residential areas, etc., to beautify the environment.

      1, wind-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, this tree type is suitable for a variety of places to choose, can resist wind and UV.

      2, fire prevention, the product reaches the Class I flame retardant index, does not self-ignite, does not support combustion, does not support the characteristics of the combustion, automatically extinguished after leaving the fire source.

      3, can be customized according to the requirements of various specifications to meet the different needs of customers.

           Customizable shape, beautiful shape, realistic effect. Guangxin professional production simulation cherry tree:

           * Large-scale production equipment, strong customization ability and diverse shapes;

           * It can produce super-large leading technology with a height of 30 meters and a crown diameter of 20 meters without sub-support;

           * Polymer simulation bark, achieving Class I flame retardant;

           * UV resistant fire retardant environmentally friendly PU bionic leaves;

           *Professional software strength design to ensure high strength, wind resistance, shock resistance and ice wrapping performance.


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