Chimney Tower,Torch Tower

Wind measurement steel structure tower
Wind measurement tower
July 19, 2018
classifications of communication tower, signal transmission tower
July 26, 2018

Chimney Tower,Torch Tower

“Chimney Tower” is also called “Torch Tower”. It is mainly used to burn oil, petrochemical, refining, refining, natural gas, chemical fertilizer, chemical and other enterprises in the production process, can not be or can not be recycled, and often toxic and harmful, A flammable gas with a certain degree of danger such as flammable or explosive, which is converted into a non-hazardous gas and discharged into the atmosphere.

1. High altitude torch:
     The height is generally tens of meters or even more than 100 meters. At present, the highest altitude torch in the country with a height of 180 meters is put into production.
     According to the established form: elevated torch (tower type torch), self-supporting torch, pull rope type torch.

2. Ground Torch:
     Mainly refers to the closed exhaust gas combustion device that is installed on the ground and around the burner. The high-altitude torch is low in cost but covers a lot of land, and the ground torch is just the opposite.

Chimney tower product technical parameters:

     Design wind speed: 30 m / sec
     Earthquake resistance: level 8
     Wrapped ice: 5-10 mm
     Verticality: 1/1000
     Suitable temperature: -45C-+45C
     Anticorrosion treatment: hot galvanizing

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