Communication Angle Steel Tower

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May 10, 2018
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May 15, 2018

Communication Angle Steel Tower

self-supporting steel tower

Angle Steel Tower product description:
The angle steel tower is an iron tower whose main body is made of angle steel. It is the most common type of communication angle tower and is now spread all over the country.Communication angle towers are widely used in telecommunication networks. These towers are freestanding structures and do not require external support for stability. Self support towers are three legged towers or four legged towers. 

Product performance characteristics:
1.Strong structure, high safety performance.
2. High design height, strong load capacity, and strong wind resistance.
3. Low cost, short processing cycle, convenient transportation and installation.

Model NO.:
Angle Steel
according to requirement

First, the advantages and disadvantages of the angle steel tower

The quadrangular angle steel tower is the most commonly used communication tower structure in China. Its advantages are simple connection structure, convenient processing and installation, easy to control quality, and a solid and thick appearance. Due to the smaller slewing radius of the angle steel, in order to control the slenderness ratio of the rod members, and to reduce the free length of the components, a sub-divisional web rod is set up and many auxiliary rods are added, thus increasing the amount of steel used. In addition, the angle coefficient of the angle steel is larger, and the auxiliary member without force increases the windage area of ​​the tower, resulting in a much larger wind bending moment than the steel pipe tower, and the amount of steel used and the basic construction cost are also relatively large.

Second, the angle tower facade selection

The communication angle tower is a cantilever structure, and the rational selection of the tower body facade is parabolic. It is generally more economical when the ratio of the bottom opening (side width) to the height is from 1/5 to 1/6. When the communication angle tower of 50 to 60 meters in height has a bottom side width of 8 to 10 meters, the overall construction cost is relatively low. If the space at the bottom of the tower is reduced due to site constraints, the material for the webbing is shortened and the weight is reduced, but the basic cost is increased. The overall cost may increase. Therefore, in determining the selection of structural facades, when the tower height is determined, the bottom span of the tower can be selected according to the geological conditions and the size of the wind load. When the foundation is poor and the wind pressure is large, the tower bottom span is large and can be reduced. Tower’s overall investment.

The width of the top side of the quadrangular angle tower is generally 600mm, so that the platform for installing the communication antenna will not be displaced too much. If the outer ladder is used, the upper side of the angle tower should be no less than 1000mm.

The shape of the angle tower should also be considered as beautiful as possible. Parabolic modeling requires that the slope of the tower be gradually reduced from the bottom to the top. The curve of the entire tower should not have a large abrupt change, and the slope of the diagonal bar is more reasonable than 45′.

Third, the angle tower tower structure

The angle steel tower pylons generally use single angle steel, the upper force adopts Q235 steel in the small town, and the lower force can use Q345 steel, which is selected according to the height of the communication angle tower and the size of the wind pressure. Theoretically, the column length to thin ratio A ≤ 150, the actual choice is best not to exceed 120, because the slenderness ratio of large plants, the stability of the compression column A is small, the increase in the column stress is not cost-effective. The use of sub-divisional web arrangements can reduce the slenderness ratio of the column.

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