What’s the difference between Tubular Towers and Angular tower ?

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May 23, 2018
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How transmission lattice towers transmit electricity ?
May 27, 2018

What’s the difference between Tubular Towers and Angular tower ?

Transmission Steel lattice towers

The question of whether to use angular or tubular towers is always at the background of every project, the answer is not straight forward, because each type of tower is suitable to certain applications. As apparent from Mer Telecom’s line of telecom towers, we have incorporated both designs in order to supply cost effective towers to a wide variety of applications.

What’s the Tubular Steel Poles

Tubular steel poles are another of the major types of transmission towers. They are made up of hollow steel poles. Tubular steel poles can be manufactured as one large piece, or as several small pieces which fit together.

What’s the Lattice Steel Tower?

Lattice steel towers are made up of many different steel structural components connected together with bolts or welded. Many different types of lattice steel towers exist. These towers are also called self-supporting transmission towers or free-standing towers, due to their ability to support themselves. These towers are not always made of steel; they can also be made of aluminum or galvanized steel.

Angular VS Tubular Comparison Table:

Angular Towers 

Tubular Towers 

Members are available in several steel grades

Better weight/strength ratio

Members are available in many sizes

Lower wind drag brings to smaller foundations

Material is usually less expensive

More efficient cross section for buckling

Available in 90° sections, can be bent to 60°

Less eccentric connections brings to smaller elements

Fabrication is less expensive (no welding)

Large variety of sizes

Transportation is more efficient (better weight/volume ratio)

Transportation is more expensive

All surfaces are exposed to the galvanization process

All tubes must be open ended to ensure complete galvanizing on the inside


Angular sections are preferred for most small towers with relatively light loads, mainly because of the wide range of sizes, simple connections and low manufacturing cost.

For bigger towers and heavier loads, tubular sections are becoming more useful and more economical. While the costs do differ from one telecom towers manufacturer to another, it is true that the cost of manufacturing is significantly higher, mainly because of the welding process, but the weight to strength ratio is much lower than in angular sections.

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