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April 7, 2017
3 Legged Tubular Communication Tower
January 18, 2018

Towers for telecommunications are designed to withstand the wind load on antennas, cables, ladders etc. and on the structure itself. In some regions the towers are furthermore designed to withstand ice load and the combination of wind and ice load. Since the towers carries antennas and often paraboltLs for microwave links the stiffness criteria is set up ror the towers in order to be able to use the network under Severe weather conditions. The stiffness criteria are often the design driver of the towers, especially when they carry parabolas and the height of the tower is
more than 40 m. The arrangement of the antennas is an important parameter in the design of the towers. The antennas are often arranged in one of the following two configurations:
Road configuration covering two directions using two antenna directions.
Normal configuration covering all directions using three antenna directions.

Communication tower: Full name Radio communication application and communication tower. Mainly used as antenna support or itself as a transmitter, is a signal transmitter tower, also known as the signal transmitter tower or signal tower, the main function to support the launch of signal transmission antenna to do support. Most of its scaffolds are steel structure space truss system. Use mobile/unicom/Traffic Satellite positioning System (GPS) and other communications departments.

Communication Tower Technology applications: Radio broadcasting, communications, navigation and other aspects of the use of the band has long wavelength, medium wave, short wave. The radio mast structure of various bands can be divided into two main categories, which are support and launcher. The support is used to suspend the antenna network, while the emitter uses the mast structure itself as an antenna to emit radio waves. Ultrashort wave is widely used in public security, traffic police, fire, Water Conservancy, power supply, military civil aviation dispatching and other professional communication fields played an important role. such as: “350” Zhao Public security “110” command System “,” 350 trillion “traffic Police Road Command communication system,” 350 trillion “public Security fire Command system, government water and flood control and drought relief dispatching command system; electric industry dispatching system; Mobile and Unicom communication system brings great convenience to people’s life, Therefore, radio communication (communication) and modern society are inseparable from the industry.

Communication Tower Production Technology: Communication tower by the tower body, platform, lightning rod, ladder, antenna support, such as steel components, and hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, mainly for microwave, ultrashort, wireless network signal transmission and launch. In order to ensure the normal operation of the wireless communication system, the communication antenna is usually placed to the highest point to increase the service radius to achieve the ideal communication effect. The communication antenna must have the communication tower to increase the height, so the communication tower plays an important role in the communication network system. To ensure the normal operation of the radio communication system, the communication antenna must be placed to a high point to increase the service radius and achieve the ideal communication effect. And the high antenna must be done by the tower. Therefore, the steel tower in the communication system plays an important role.

Communication Tower Classification: General communication Tower can be divided into angle communication tower, steel pipe communication tower, aluminum alloy communication tower, cable communication tower, simple three-column communication tower, can be built on the ground and can be built on the roof. The section shape of the tower is triangular, quadrilateral, hexagonal, eight-sided shape and so on. However, the amount of steel in the communication tower increases with the increase of the number of edges, the windward area also increases, should be based on the actual needs, combined with architectural art, rationalization of construction, can play a wireless communication, building lightning protection, plum Blossom building and other multiple effects. The types vary in height. Communication Tower in the processing of finished, all need to spray or hot dip galvanized, or with paint maintenance rust treatment to prolong the service life.
The material composition of communication tower is divided into steel pipe, angle steel, round bar and its composite members, the most used is steel pipe structure, because the steel pipe has small wind resistance, good steel, saving material and handsome in appearance.
The steel Tower of the horn uses the bolted joint of the node board more, and the installation construction and disassembly are convenient. Customers should choose different materials according to the actual situation.

Technical index:
Loss Ability: Wind 12 level/earthquake level 8
Height: 60 meters or above;
Weight: 10 tons
Anti-corrosion Treatment: hot-crossing zinc;
Material Origin: Baosteel/Shougang/Handan steel/Tangshan, etc.
Effective use period: more than 100 years;
After-sales service: 20 free maintenance, life-long warranty



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