Monopole Tower

3 Legged Tubular Communication Tower
January 18, 2018
Telecommunication Monopole Antenna Tower
January 18, 2018

Monopole Tower

momopole tower

Monopole towers are of a single pole design and are general used in cellular and personal communication service
In comparison with other form masts, a monopole tower has both advantages of light weight and small space requirement. It free standing and usually built cylindrically or with multiples sides. Monopole towers are supplied completely with shafts, platforms, ladders, rest platforms and anchor bolts as required. There is a lower hole in the surface of bottom body, upper hole at the platform place. Antenna bracket fixed in the enclosure of platform. The ladder is inside of the tower body. So the design sometimes makes it a decorative building in some places. Monopole tower is regularly used in power grid construction and communication systems. Especially in some zone confine land .It can be used on either city or suburb areas.

The advange of monopole tower
1 Reduce the weight by 10%–20%
2 Reduce the wind press of the tower
3 Large 20% rotation radius the angle tower
4 Large load capacity than angel tower
5 Reduce 10%–20% material
6 Shorten period install
7 Structure diversification




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