Monopole Tower for Telecommunication Scope of Work

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April 24, 2018
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April 26, 2018

Monopole Tower for Telecommunication Scope of Work

Transmission Monopole tower

Monopoles are an ideal solution where space is a premium and aesthetics are a must. A simple, sleek design, Rohn’s pre-engineered monopoles, exclusively available through KEHANG, require as little as 3 square feet for installation and rise up to 100 feet above ground level. In many jurisdictions, monopoles up to 70 feet do not require zoning approval (significantly reducing installation costs), making them an ideal solution for urban and suburban areas.

Scope Of Work FOR TOWERS & Monopoles

  1. Fabricate/Import and transport telecom towers & monopoles of various heights to sites spread throughout the Sultanate .
  2. Customs clearance, warehousing and transport of Towers and monopoles to the required locations.
  3. Provide implementation plan (schedule) for each tower and progress committed to the same.
  4. Level the area for excavation of the tower foundation for the sites that does not require access road.
  5. Make excavation on the site according to the approved foundation design regardless to the soil characteristics of the site. Additional claims will not be entertained by Omantel due to site specific soil characteristics.
  6. Construct civil foundation for the tower according to the approved foundation design. Ready-mix concrete shall be provided for all the foundations. In case ready-mix concrete is not available at a specific site for any reason, Contractor shall justify the reason & seek official approval for supplying any other type of concrete.
  7. Any additional requirement such as curing compound, epoxy painted reinforcement steel, etc. shall be provided according to site specific condition for the foundation in case requested .
  8. Provide grounding ring around the tower foundation which consists of a pair of 25mm x 3mm copper strips interconnected to each other at each corner & enough number of earthing rods shall be installed in order to provide a maximum earthing resistance of 3Ω for the Monopole Telecommunication Tower. (Max 10Ω for passive repeater towers.)
  9. Backfill the foundation compacting by layers of max 30cm with proper tools & machinery. Contractor shall seek approval from Omantel in order to utilize the existing excavation material for backfilling. Imported fill material shall be utilized if the existing excavation material is not approved engineer during steel inspection.
  10. Erection of the tower & monopole complying with the safety rules, regulations & procedures. Specific safety rules, regulations & procedures of the local companies or government offices such as petroleum companies or government offices.
  11. Grounding system will consist of a lightning arrestor at the top of the Monopole Telecommunication Tower, a down conductor which is directly connected to the grounding ring, grounding ring and earth pit. The down conductor shall run on one leg of the tower till grounding ring and all legs shall be connected to the grounding ring via 25mm x 3mm copper strips.

Top 300mm ht cooper stip should be embedded in concrete to prevent any theft of copper strip. Contractor should submit the drg  approval.

All grounding connections under the ground shall be Cad Weld welding connections or C clamp crimped using hydraulic jack rather than mechanical joints.

  1. Paint the Pole Telecommunication towers according to Specifications & rules and regulations of the related authorities such as Civil Aviation or ROP.
  2. Supply and install aircraft warning light system according to the Specifications (one duty lamp, one stand-by lamp, and photocell & control panel with required alarms extensions).
  3. Supply & install hot dip galvanized horizontal cable ladder (400mm width) with enough number of hot dip galvanized vertical supports (max distance in-between the supports shall be 3 meters) having pre-cast concrete foundations between tower and telecom containers/rooms.
  4. Provide gravel to a thickness of minimum 50mm spread around and beneath the tower (minimum 2m from the sides of the Monopole Telecommunication Tower).
  5. 3nos GSM antenna mounting brackets (brackets shall consist of 2nos 0.5meter angle offsets, 1no 2” diameter GI Pipe of 3meter length) shall be provided free of charge along with each tower.
  6. The required 2 Nos microwave mounting brackets shall be provided free of charge along with the towers (brackets shall consist of 2nos 0.5meter angle offsets, 1no 4” diameter GI Pipe of 1meter length).
  7. Supply & Installation of fall arrest system consisting of Harness, aluminium rail and trolley.
  8. Contractor will be responsible for giving 30 years warranty against tower failure due to Design defects, Materials defects or workmanship / fabrication defects.

Contractor who provide services will be responsible for giving 30 years’ warranty against tower / foundation failure due to foundation design or Construction defects, tower erection defects.


Boundary Walls & Chain Link Fencing:

 The life-time of towers & monopoles shall be minimum 30 years. The contractor will be solely responsible for any failure due to design, structure, construction & erection within this period. Furthermore, galvanizing of all the steel structures including tower, monopoles shall be under warranty for 30 years. In case of any failure due to any of the above, reserves the right to ask for replacement of the failed item(s) according to the nature of the failure.


KEHANG COMPANY Monopole tower

1.Good appearance
Single tube tower is conic and beautiful with elegant design and fine structure.
2.Cost effective
Small occupation, it’s about two square meters, only as 8%-10% of the traditional angle steel tower. It saves land cost and easy to find place to build.
3.Inner flange type
Use high strength bolts connect inner flange, which can effectively prevent high strength bolts corrosion by weather, which will protect tower connecting quality.
4.Internal ladder type
Ladder is installed inside, thus maintainers can repair and inspect the equipments in any weather.
5.Feeder internal built
Feeder lay inside tower to avoid natural environment like wind blowing, rain -drenched and sun-scorched, and prevent break danger from aging and fatigue, which will extend the feeder’s life.
Single tube tower can be very high, which make it outstanding in surroundings and become an ideal advertising place and landmark building.
7.Double regulation
Bottom of the flange use double nuts to fix, which can effectively fix the tower. The bottom nut can support the body and micro-regulate perpendicularity, which will make sure installation accuracy.
8.Tower steadiness
Improving bottom ribs design will be good for wind-resistance (over level 12). It can make the body steady and stable to keep communication signal clear, also will extend the signal tube tower’s using life and cycle

With delivery and installation possible in as short as one week, and at a cost that is often competitive to other mounting alternatives, Monopoles are an ideal solution for many broadband, microwave and cellular applications in urban and suburban areas.

Telecommunication tower, steel monopole tower
Material: China standard material (Q235, Q345)
Treatment: hot-dip galvanized


Pictures of polygonal galvanized steel monopole:

Original factory newest custom wholesale telecommunication antenna monopole towerOriginal factory newest custom wholesale telecommunication antenna monopole towerOriginal factory newest custom wholesale telecommunication antenna monopole tower


vietnam telecommunication steel monopole tower 

vietnam telecommunication steel monopole tower

vietnam telecommunication steel monopole tower

vietnam telecommunication steel monopole tower


vietnam telecommunication steel monopole tower 

vietnam telecommunication steel monopole tower

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