3 Legged Tubular Communication Tower

Communication Tower
January 18, 2018
Monopole Tower
January 18, 2018

3 Legged Tubular Communication Tower

Three Legged Tubular Communication Tower

3 Legged Tubular Towers are mainly fabricated with circular hollow sections which are specially designed to reduce the number of individual members. We strongly believe that less number of tower members means less fabrication time, less handling and storing problem, less erection time, less chances of misplacing, more efficient in term of man hour per tower, higher productivity with a very cost effective solution. The recommend height of this structure is 30m, 45m, 60m and 76m and suitable for either 1~3 operator usage.

Communication tower consists of tower body, platform, lightning rod, ladder, antenna support and other steel components, and by hot galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, mainly for microwave, ultrashort wave, wireless network signal transmission and transmission.
Products Name: Mobile Communication Tower
Application: Communication accessories
Height: 5-80m
Material: Q420/Q235/Q345 or customized
Minimum yield strength: 355mpa
Minimum ultimate tensile strength: 490mpa
Max ultimate tensile strength: 620mpa
Maximum Design Wind Speed: 30m/s
Spare Parts:All necessary parts, e.g. Antenna Mount Pole and Brackets, Climbing Steps, Safety Guide Cable, Lightning Rod, Mounting Bracket for Obstruction Light, Holding Down Bolts/Nuts, And All Other Bolt and Nuts Required for Erection and installation.




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