Tubular Tower manufacturer for Communication and Transmission

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May 21, 2018
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Tubular Tower manufacturer for Communication and Transmission

Steel Tubular Tower

What is the Tubular Tower ?

Tubular Tower, which belongs to the technical field of Tubular Tower, includes a work platform for connecting the tower body and the upper part of the tower body. Defines the bottom of the tower wall openings, which wall defines the position of the work platform openings, the antenna holder fixed to the working platform fences, wherein the connector body is provided by a column ladder main rod connected to the main pole and ladder provided The ladder formed by the crosspiece is fixedly connected with the supporting frame of the ladder main rod, and the supporting frame is screwed and matched with the connecting bracket arranged on the inner wall of the tower.

Design& Technics

(l)Full-stress analysis program Of steel towers,which assures precision Of internal force analysis & proper
(2) Design system of steel poles: Four—legs poles&Substation structure 
(3) Advanced 3D substantiality lofting software-3D substantiality trial assembly With software,obtain drawings by Auto-cad. Net work With production workshop,lofting and manufacturing at the same time . assure precision and installation Of towers.

Product performance characteristics:

1. It is composed of a single steel pipe and accessories. The main material is generally made by bending the steel plate.
2. The cross-section of the tower body is round or polygonal, and the connection adopts inner flange, outer flange or plugging form, and the appearance is beautiful.
3. Tower ladders and rest platforms can be built in, and communication equipment can be installed in the towers with high security.
4. Design interior and exterior ladders for customers to choose.
5. Using internationally advanced design concepts and calculation methods, the slope of the tower body can be adjusted according to the geology and climate of the customer site.
6. Easy to install, safe, high precision, small footprint and easy location.

GSM Steel angle Communication Tower

Wind Pressure0-300 KM/H
StructureOverlap Connection
MaterialQ345B/A572, minimum yield strength >=345MPA; Q235B/A36, minimum yield strength>=235MPA
Details & ShapeCan be designed as per customer’s requirement
Good’s DescriptionCable and Ladder can be assembled by customer’s request
Main Pole LifetimeMore than 20 years
BarksHot Dip Galvanization and Special Tree Gluewater
Delivery Time28 days after receiving deposit
Galvanizing StandardEN ISO 1461,ASTM/A123 or equivalent
Working & Resting Platform Quantity1-3 PCS
Antenna Support3-18 PCS
Microwave Dish3-18 PCS
Manufacturing and WorkmanshipBS449 or AISC
Welding StandardBSEN287, BSEN288 or equivalent
Nuts& BoltsGrade 8.8
Spare partsAll Necessary parts, e.g. Antenna Mount pole and Brackets , Climbing Steps, Safety Guide Cable, Lightning Rod, Mounting bracket for Obstruction light,  Holding down bolts/nuts, and all other bolt and nuts required for erection and installation

Material Test:

Galvanized Steel Communication Tower/Round Steel Transmission Tubular Tower
1. All of our material are purchased from famous mill factory to assure the quality
2. A mill certificate issued by the mill factory with stamp and signature must be provided before unload the material in our factory; otherwise we have our reason to refuse the material.
3. Before put into production, all the material must pass the chemical and physical analysis to make sure that they have met the requested strength and component.  

The single Tubular Tower includes a tower and a work platform connected to the upper part of the tower body. The antenna bracket is fixed on the fence of the working platform, and is characterized in that the ladder is composed of a ladder block connected to the main pole of the ladder and the main pole of the ladder. The main pole of the ladder is fixedly connected with the supporting frame, and the supporting frame and the supporting frame are arranged on the tower. The inner wall of the connection bracket is screw-fitted.

The advantages of a single Tubular Tower are:. The structure is simple and reasonable; the appearance is beautiful; the installation is easy to use and the floor area is smaller than that of the angle steel tower. In terms of safety, the angle tower is higher than the single tower tower, although the single tower tower is the protagonist. However, if the single-Tubular Tower is to achieve higher safety, only the rod diameter should be increased, the wall should be thickened, and high-strength steel should be used for the material. There will be high cost. .

The tower body adopts a more reasonable segment and is connected with a high-strength bolt through a connector, so that the installation is convenient and quick, and it can adapt to the installation of a variety of more complex field sites. The built-in ladder and wiring way can not only provide the operator with a convenient and safe operating environment, but also can avoid the sun and rain from the feeder, greatly prolonging the service life of the feeder, and the center of gravity of the tower will not be offset due to the installation of the feeder. The bottom of the tower body is fixed with double nuts. This structure can finely adjust the verticality of the tower body and ensure the installation accuracy more effectively. In the production, large-scale CNC automatic cutting machines, multiple sets of CNC automatic submerged arc welding manipulators, and advanced equipment such as large arc down-adjusting hydraulic coiler with pre-bend function, ultrasonic testing equipment, and abundant manufacturing experience, The entire production process realizes automated flow operations, so that the product quality is stable and reliable.


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