Electrical Transmission Tower

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January 19, 2018
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January 22, 2018

Electrical Transmission Tower

Electrical Transmission Tower

Electrical transmission tower is the main supporting unite of overhead Transmission line. It carry the heavy transmission conductor at a sufficient safe height from ground. It is also called electricity pylon, ironman in some countries.

Normally Q345B/A572, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 345 N/mm²
Q235B/A36, Minimum Yield Strength ≥ 235 N/mm²
As well as Hot rolled coil from ASTM A572 GR65, GR50, SS400
Height: From 10 meter to 50 meter
Thickness: 4mm to 28mm
Production Process:
Raw material test → Cutting →bending →Welding (longitudinal )→Dimension verify →Flange welding →Hole drilling →sample assemble → surface clean→ Galvanization or powder coating ,painting →Recalibration →Packages

A Electrical transmission tower consists of the following parts,
1. Peak of transmission tower
2. Cross arm of transmission tower
3. Boom of transmission tower
4. Cage of transmission tower
5. Transmission Tower Body
6. Leg of transmission tower
7. Stub/Anchor Bolt and Base plate assembly of transmission tower.
Peak of Transmission Tower
The portion above the top cross arm is called peak of transmission tower. Generally earth shield wire connected to the tip of this peak.
Cross Arm of Transmission Tower
Cross arms of transmission tower hold the transmission conductor. The dimension of cross arm depends on the level of transmission voltage, configuration and minimum forming angle for stress distribution.
Cage of Transmission Tower
The portion between tower body and peak is known as cage of transmission tower. This portion of the tower holds the cross arms.

Transmission Tower Body
The portion from bottom cross arms up to the ground level is called transmission tower body. This portion of the tower plays a vital role for maintaining required ground clearance of the bottom conductor of the transmission line.

Quality control at Kehang:
In order to ensure quality, we at kehang use modern fabrication technologies to manufacture transmission line towers, and the multi-item templates, bending dies, jigs and fixtures can be reused in case of repeat orders. We also strive to perfectly complete each small quantity order and proto item production. The first piece of each different type of template is duly inspected by our specialized Quality Inspectors, thus ensuring accurate and quality manufacturing. The quality of our transmission tower is controlled through sample check during process, and then 100% quality inspection before leaving factory. Thus, we are confident that all our electricity pylons are qualified, and users can feel secure in purchasing.



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