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January 22, 2018
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January 22, 2018

Guyed tower

guyed towers

Guyed tower also named Mast tower, main body is a pole, fiber rope in three or four ways to pull the body make sure it up-right and stable. The pole can be made of steel tubular, lactic structure which be made of angel steel, round steel and tubular steel. The central mast is made either of a triangular lattice section or tubular section to avoid icing. The rope is multistranded high strength galvanized steel.

The advantage guyed tower: less material, short time to produce and install.
The shortage guyed tower: more land needed, easy out-of-balance. Three of four guy wires made of high-strength steel anchor the tower to the ground over an anchor radius equal to 2/3 of the tower’s height.

Guyed tower has a novel appearance,and its biggest characteristic is  strengthened by using steel guy wire. Guyed tower is a common type of  communication tower which is economical and practical. It is lighter and cheaper than the others. It is very suitable for the geographical wide areas.

Steel Tower Name Guyed Tower
Height  5-100m
Wind Speed  0-330km/h
Antenna Load  Up to clients
Nuts and Bolts  6.8 and 8.8 available
Connection  Bolts/Nuts
Vertical missing  <1/1000
Location   Roof with ability to load,ground or hillside

Guyed Towers are lightweight to heavyweight towers supported by guy wires and are designed with the ability to carry light to heavy antenna loads. The tower industry prefers these types of towers because they are designed to provide maximum strength, efficiency, versatility and ease of installation. Guyed Towers are typically used in cellular, two way, wireless internet, broadcast, homeland security and other wireless applications. Guyed towers are typically less expensive to purchase, transport, and install. Tower Direct offers new, new-surplus, and used guyed towers.

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