integrated telecom base station

development needs of modern society-use of communication towers
February 5, 2018
steel lattice tower station
February 9, 2018

integrated telecom base station

integrated telecom base station products refers to one combined telecom products including telecom tower & poles, light luminaries, antenna, cable tray, tower earthing kits, shelter room and others if client need.

Kehang can design and produce integrated telecom base station products for chinese and overseas client. Since 2004, Kehang pioneered the development of transmission tower, telecom tower, substation, and other steel structure and was also at the forefront in the design of telecom tower. Today, with over 10 years of experience and our commitment to excellence, Kehang remains an industry leader in the manufacture and design of steel tubular & angular & monopole structures for all highway, municipal, custom, telecom, lighting and electric utility applications. We utilize the latest versions of dao-power, pls-cadd, pls-pole, tower, autocad and other cad software.

Mobile Integrated base station includes: communication room, tower body, tower support, room foundation, promotion control. The tower is insert in structure, promotion structure make the joint of different sections. All the sections be made from steel tubular or steel lattice .

Integral base station tower body lifting principle: the integrated base station tower body is the socket structure, can realize the lifting function.
The principle is that the lifting tower by the base section, the secondary section and the distal end through each other set up the lifting device is connected in turn, wherein the basal section, the secondary section and the distal end are composed of the closed metal structure or the frame type metal structure respectively.

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