Lightning protection tower

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June 2, 2018
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June 2, 2018

Lightning protection tower

Lightning protection tower

The lightning protection tower is mainly used for lightning protection projects in various buildings, especially oil refineries, gas stations, chemical plants, coal mines, explosives, flammable and explosive workshops. It is also necessary to install lightning protection towers in a timely manner. Due to climate change, lightning disasters continue to occur.



GSM communication towers, radio, TV transmitters, forest observation towers, meteorological stations and radars geographic location as of generally lightning compared to other facilities; because they are at the highest point and exposure to excessive voltage pulse risks. Therefore, in such structures EN 62305 (Lightning Protection Standard Structures) should be full and complete.

As aggravating, many buildings are now equipped with a lightning protection tower, especially a stainless steel decorative tower on the top of the building. The shape of the building is various, the appearance is beautiful, and the design is novel and unique. It is widely used in buildings of various types of buildings such as buildings, plazas, and residential green spaces. Buildings echo each other and become landmark decorative buildings in the city. The principle of the arrester is the same as that of a lightning rod. Reduce lightning disasters.   

  Surge tower use conditions:  

  1, the basic wind pressure: w0 = 0.4 and 0.7KN/m2 two

  2. Earthquake fortification intensity: 8 degrees and 8 days in small days   

  3. Foundation bearing capacity: 100 and 200 KN/m2  

  4, ice thickness: ≤ 10mm 5, verticality: ≤ 1/1000   

  Lightning protection tower design basis:   

  1. Design Rules for Lightning Protection of Buildings (GB50057-94)

  2, tall structure design specification (GBJ135-90)  

  3, steel structure design specification (GB50017-2003)   

  4. Construction and acceptance procedures for tower steel structure (CECS 80:2006)

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