What is the harm of communication tower to human body?

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February 20, 2018
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What is the harm of communication tower to human body?

Telecommunication Tower

The communication tower is also known as a signal emitter or signal tower.Mainly used to support China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese telecom, traffic satellite positioning System (GPS) and other communications areas of the signal transmitting antenna.

Communication towers emit electromagnetic waves through the antenna, for electromagnetic radiation refers to the energy in the form of electromagnetic waves from the radiation source (antenna) Launched into space phenomenon, referred to as electromagnetic radiation. When electromagnetic radiation through the human body, its energy will be absorbed by the human body, if this energy is too large, will be harmful to human health, human exposure to such electromagnetic radiation environment, will have a certain impact.

Communication Tower/Transmission Steel Angle Tower

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Communication Steel Towers Communication Steel Towers Communication Steel Towers
Communication Steel Towers Communication Steel Towers Communication Steel Towers

At present, the source of electromagnetic radiation usually has the following kinds: radar systems, television and broadcast transmission systems, radio frequency induction and media heating equipment, RF and microwave medical equipment, all kinds of electrical processing equipment, mobile communication base station, satellite Earth Communication Station, large power station, transmission and transformation equipment, high-voltage and EHV transmission lines, Metro Trains and electric trains and most household appliances. Electromagnetic radiation site: Electromagnetic field can be divided into near area and far area. In general, the communication tower antenna within 300 meters of the area are near the field, in this area is much stronger than the magnetic field, and in greater than 300 meters, the magnetic field is much larger than the electric field. The field of the far region is weak and its electromagnetic field intensity is small.

Therefore, for a fixed electromagnetic radiation source that can produce a certain intensity, we should pay attention to the protection of electromagnetic radiation near the field, including the workers and personnel in the near-field environment, and the protection of various electronic and electrical equipments located in the near area.

And in the far-field, usually less harm to people, at this time should be considered the main factor is the protection of the signal.

Communication Tower Electromagnetic radiation hazard: Because the communication Tower wireless communication network RF radiation damage has cumulative effect, so when under the radio frequency radiation, the human body is not immediately hurt, only over time, accumulated to a certain extent will cause harm to the human body. This cumulative process is a safe retention time. And this safe stay is often a few years. From Wuhan University in south-central hospital news, animal experiments show that communication equipment generated by electromagnetic waves on the fetal brain tissue damage. Because the brain’s activity is mainly brain waves, brain cells are transmitted through the brain waves signal. Mobile and mobile communication base stations all produce radiation as electromagnetic waves, since it can interfere with radio communication and navigation systems, but also to the human brain constitutes “pollution.”

Thus causing deformities to the brain tissue of the fetus, which may cause a brain tumor from the age of the person.

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