400KV Transmission Line Lattice Steel Tower Design drawings Requirements

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April 11, 2018
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April 15, 2018

400KV Transmission Line Lattice Steel Tower Design drawings Requirements

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400KV Transmission Line Tower Drawings

Following the award of the Contract and before detailing the towers, the Contractor shall furnish the Employer with all wire clearance drawings and all calculations performed for member sizing, including redundant. Following approval of member sizing and before fabrication the Contractor shall furnish the Employer with drawings of all shop details including fabricating cards, erection diagrams and bills of material and bolt lists for approval.

Any work placed in the shop for fabrication prior to receiving the shop drawings approved by the Employer, is entirely at the Contractor’s risk.

All descriptions on drawings shall be in English.

The metric system shall be used for all drawings, documents and materials to be furnished.

The Contractor shall be responsible for the correctness of dimensions and details on the production drawings. Approval of the detail drawings by the Employer will not relieve the Contractor of this responsibility.

The Contractor shall prepare complete erection drawings and shop detail drawings, which shall contain, but not be limited to, the following information:

a) Location and orientation of each 400KV Transmission Line Steel Tower member.

b) Number, types and sizes of all fasteners.

c) Size, type of material and weight of each tower member.

d) A complete tabulation of the 400KV Lattice Steel Tower base dimensions for each possible tower height including all combinations of leg extensions. This tabulation shall include the following dimensions to clearly define and mark working points on the steel:
– Transverse distance from longitudinal 400KV Lattice Tower center line to heel at leg.
– Longitudinal distance from transverse tower center line to heel leg.
– Diagonal distance from tower center line to heel leg.
– Hip and face slopes of Transmission Lattice Steel Tower legs.

These dimensions shall be provided at near ground level and top of stub level so they can be used to check foundations’ locations.

e) A tabulation of the vertical distance from the theoretical grade line to the top surface of the horizontal strut for all leg extensions.

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