guyed tower VS free-standing tower

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November 18, 2018
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December 1, 2018

guyed tower VS free-standing tower


 Free Standing Tower. These towers are made to EIA/TIA specifications. The towers are fully hot dipped galvanized after fabrication to assure best corrosion protection available. All metal is mill certified. All of the towers components are 100% inspected before they are shipped. This inspection includes clean bolt holes, removal of galvanized drips that will cut and harm installers, all components fit correctly, and all instructions, labeling are correct, and all welds and fabrication is done correctly. 

A partially guyed tower is a tower structure which consists of a free-standing basement, in most cases of concrete or of lattice steel with a guyed mast on the top. The anchor basements of the guyed mast can be on the top of the tower or on the ground.

A guyed radio mast. The guy lines are faintly visible.

200 foot (61 m) radio mast of an AM radio station in Mount Vernon, Washington, USA, supported by three sets of 120° guy lines
A guyed mast is a tall thin vertical structure that depends on guy lines for stability. The mast itself has the compressive strength to support its own weight, but does not have the shear strength to stand unsupported, and requires guy lines to resist lateral forces such as wind loads and keep it upright. Guy lines are diagonal tensioned cables attached to the ground, usually spaced at equal angles about the structure’s base.

item guyed tower  free-standing tower
space  more less
material less  more
time produce  shorter longer
time install shorter  longer
stability  not good  better 

1. The tower is resistant to wind and typhoon above level 12, and the seismic intensity is 8 degrees. Under the effect of the average maximum wind speed in the local 30 years, the torsion angle and deflection of the tower shall not exceed ±0.4°, and the horizontal displacement at any point on the tower shall not exceed 1/100 of the height of the point.

  2. The verticality of the tower ensures that the vertical deviation of the tower center should not be greater than 1/1500 of the height of the whole tower, and the vertical deviation of the adjacent two layers is ≤1/750.

3. The tower body material is hot-dip galvanized and anti-corrosive.

 Designed Wind pressure  0.45KN/m 2
foundation  2 m 2 
Height 15M–36M
Earthquake intensity 8 degree 
Degree of rotation ±0.4° averge largest wind speed once occure in 30 years
deflection ±0.4° averge largest wind speed once occure in 30 years
any horizontal displacement ≤the distance to ground height
vertical deviation ≤1/1500*the height
Adjacent two layers vertical deviation ≤1/750
tower body Hot-dip galvanizing
useage scope building roof, ground or hillside
ice coat  5mm-10mm
temperature -45C-+45C
life  30 years

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