Self-Supporting Tubular Communication Tower

Double arm street lighting pole with LED lamp
January 31, 2018
guyed wire mast steel telecommunication tower
January 31, 2018

Self-Supporting Tubular Communication Tower

Self-Supporting Monopole Communication Tower

Self-Supporting Towers are appropriate for nearly all wireless communication applications. Self-Supporting Towers are typically three or four sided lattice type structures made from solid rod, pipe, or angle. Self-supporting Towers are ideal for installations where space requirements are limited. Self-supporting towers are inexpensive to purchase, transport, and install. Self-Supporting Towers are ideal for cellular towers, wireless internet towers, broadcast towers, radio towers, homeland security towers, and wind towers.

Normally   Q235Q345B/A572,minimum yield strength>=345n/mm2
Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength>=235n/mm2
Surface Coating
Hot Dip Galvanization or Painting (special treating for the long duration sea transportation)
Design Lifetime
More than 30 years
CO2 welding or Submerged arc auto methods
OEM is welcome
reasonble price
ISO 9001:2008,etc
Conoid ,Multi-pyramidal,Columni-form,polygonal or conical  Octagonal

Features of  Self-Supporting Tubular Communication Tower

Available in either tubular legs with 100% drainage and air flow
Solid rod legs with angle bracing
Schifflerized angle legs
Three of four legged models

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