Solar photovoltaic panel stand

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January 22, 2018
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January 29, 2018

Solar photovoltaic panel stand

Solar Panel Support

As the main part of the solar energy support system, the photovoltaic support play the most important role in the support system to ensure the Panels safety and get max sunshine. The most important features is Weather resistance, it must be Firm and reliable, can bear erode of Atmosphere, load of wind and other outside effect. Get Max effect obtain Min install cost and hardly any maintain cost. The raw material usual be aluminum ally & stainless steel. The anodized of aluminum ally ,the Hot-dip galvanizing of stainless steel and Anti aging –Anti UV ensure the lifetime

aluminum allyAnodized
stainless steelQ235 Hot-dip galvanizing
tilt angel10 deg – 60 deg
max wind speedup to 60m/s
snow loadup to 1.4kn/㎡
warrantyten years
durationmore than 20 years

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