Camouflage Tower Antenna Tower

Camouflage Tower for Telecom Site
January 31, 2018
monitoring towers for telecom
February 2, 2018

Camouflage Tower Antenna Tower

1. Structure delicate and beautiful shape
2. Stronger foundation stability and higher technology
3. The foundation with reinforced concrete structure
4. Tree body together with flange connection, guaranteeing concentricity and vertical degree
5. Small coverage and significant benefit
6. Long service life
7. Coverage with hot dip galvanized, simulation bark and leaves
8. It will avoid being damaged by water, fire and corrosion
9. Short production cycle and all-round after-sales service

Wind Pressure5-180 KM/H
Maximum Design Wind Speed330km/h
AppearanceHot dip galvanization and color paint as customer’s request
Lifetime30 years
Antenna Support Quantity3-18 PCS
Microwave Dish Quantity3-10 PCS
Spare PartsAll necessary parts for installation and connection
Foundation typeIndependent foundation/Raft ffoundation/Pile foundation
TypeSingle pole
Suitable PlacesHotel, park, business street, square, station and exclusive residential district, etc.

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