steel lattice tower,transmission tower,power tower

Transmission line towers
June 15, 2018
Self Supporting Steel Lattice Telecom Radar Tower
30m self-supporting tower design and manufacture
June 20, 2018

steel lattice tower,transmission tower,power tower

steel lattice tower,transmission tower,power tower

A transmission tower or power tower (electricity pylon in the United Kingdom, Canada and parts of Europe) is a tall structure, usually a steel lattice tower, used to support an overhead power line.

They are used in high-voltage AC and DC systems, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Lattice steel towers are more prevalent and common, and they come in several familiar shapes and sizes. These can be supported by four concrete footings, or a combination of concrete footings and guide wires. The number of conductors going between each tower depends on whether the transmission line is single circuit (three wires) or dual circuit (six wires).

Lattice towers 22 kV – 110 kV

Lattice towers 22 kV
22 kV lattice towers are steel lattice structures welded together from rolled equal angles, the surface of which is protected by coating or hot dip galvanizing. The series ranges from 12 kN to 80 kN in vertex traction and from 12 to 24 m in height. The towers are fitted with the design of brackets required by our clients.

Lattice towers – 1×110 kV, 2×110 kV and 4×110 kV
Steel lattice structures of rolled equal angles, either fully bolted together or partially so in combination with welded sections. The surface of these items is protected by hot galvanisation or a suitable alternative coating. This series is divided into subgroups of specific applications, i.e. support, tension, anchor, branch or underpass towers.

tower designs

Type: 500 kV single circuit steel
lattice tower structures
Height: 145 to 180 feet
Minimum ground clearance: 35 feet
Average span: 1 ,200 — 1,300 feet
Right-of-way: 250 feet
Segments: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

Type: 345 kV single circuit steel
H-frame structures
Height: 80 to 110 feet
Minimum ground clearance: 30 feet
Average span: 800 feet
Right-of-way: 150 feet
Segment: 3A

Type: 230 kV single circuit steel
H-frame structures
Height: 60 to 90 feet
Minimum ground
clearance: 28 feet
Average span: 800 feet
Right-of-way: 125 feet
Segment: IW

steel lattice tower,transmission tower,power tower
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