Forest Fire Watch Tower , Monitoring Tower

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May 27, 2018
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Forest Fire Watch Tower , Monitoring Tower

Lattice angular steel platform Mountain forest outlook fire observation watchtower

The Forest Fire Watch Tower (watchtower) is used for forestry fire prevention in the forestry sector, to publicize and arrange fire prevention tasks, to organize fire prevention work, to effectively care for nature, and to be used as an ascending and flexible tool for commanding fire control fires in emergencies.

The forest observation tower (watch tower) is generally a steel structure tower, which is easy to dismantle and install. The plane is a quadrilateral free-standing or pull-wire type. The main curve is generally a polygonal type, and the internal structure is a cross type. The upper working platform or duty room. There are diagonal ladders or rotating ladders inside. The forest observation tower (watchtower) produced by our company. The structure is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and it is durable. The product is treated with hot-dip galvanizing for anti-corrosion treatment. 50 years without maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for ascending telescope.

The technical conditions of the forest observation tower shall comply with the provisions of GB: 700-88.
Given design wind speed: 30M / S (in different regions of each)
wrapped ice: 5mm-10mm (different in each area)
seismic intensity: 8 °
optimum temperature: -35 ℃ ∽45 ℃
vertical deviation: <1/1000
grounding resistance: the lightning arrester are
corrosion Treatment: Galvanized steel components for corrosion protection. Guaranteed safe use for 30 years.

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