steel Watchtower, monitoring tower for Forest fire

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Steel 3 Legs Tube Tower
August 31, 2018
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September 27, 2018

steel Watchtower, monitoring tower for Forest fire

The main functions of the monitoring tower:

     1. The monitoring tower is used for public security duty in traffic or mass activities; 
     2. The police officers and soldiers in the prison cell are monitored; 
     3. The guards of the border guards are on duty; 
     4. The forestry department forest fire prevention, propagating and arranging fire prevention tasks, Organize fire prevention work, effectively care for nature, and in the case of emergency, use flexible tools to command fire control to control the fire. 

  • Forest fire monitoring tower

The monitoring tower is suitable for special industries, such as:

    (1) Forest fire prevention monitoring – timely detection of fire alarm. Prevention is the main factor. The investment is small, avoiding the fire hazard caused by various factors, and is conducive to defending the national natural economy. 
    (2) Military surveillance – mainly used for border protection. 
    (3) Plant area monitoring – applicable to man-made observation or electronic monitoring of plant area management. 

  • Monitoring tower renderings

The structural characteristics of the monitoring tower :

the structure of the monitoring tower is generally a steel structure tower, which is convenient to disassemble and install. The plane is a quadrilateral free-standing or pull-wire type. The main curve is generally a broken line type, and the internal structure is a cross type. The upper part has a working platform or a duty room. There is a diagonal ladder or a rotating ladder inside. 
     The monitoring tower produced by our company has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance and durability. The product is treated with anti-corrosion treatment and hot-dip galvanizing, and the anti-corrosion time is long. 50 years without maintenance. It is the ideal equipment for ascending telescope.

  • 20 meters monitoring tower renderings
  • Forest fire monitoring tower
  • Monitoring tower instance
  • Forest fire monitoring tower
  • Steel pipe monitoring tower
  • Camera monitoring tower
  • Four-column angle steel monitoring tower
  • Monitoring tower
  • Monitoring tower-02
  • Monitoring tower-03

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