Camouflaged Palm Tree Antenna Telecom WIFI Tower

3 legged lattice mast triangular radio telecom communication tower
March 18, 2019
Single Circuit Angle Steel Power Transmission Line Tower
March 22, 2019

Camouflaged Palm Tree Antenna Telecom WIFI Tower

Anti UV, anti- aging, antiflaming

warranty is more than 20 years without fading

The foliage is made up of palms in radio-transparent plastic materials that completely and naturally hide the antennas and accessories.

Durability and realism guide all of our production processes.

Using highly resilient urethanes, polyethelenes, and fiber-reinforced polyesters, our Date  Palm Fronds can be positioned directly in front of antennas without causing havoc-inducing signal reflection.

Steel Tower Name

Camouflaged Palm Tree Antenna Telecom WIFI Tower

Height 15-80m
Wind Speed 0-330km/h
Galvanized Hot Dip Galvanized
Antenna Type MW, GSM, CDMA etc.
Antenna Load up to clients
Nuts and Bolts 6..8 and 8.8 available
Life Time more than 20 years
Design Code ANSI/TIA-222-G/F



 Tensile test,Elements analysis, Sharpy test(impact test), Cold Bending,  Preece test, Hammer test etc.

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