Broadcast TV Communication Tower

Radio Tower
January 19, 2018
Camouflaged tower
January 19, 2018

Broadcast TV Communication Tower

broadcast TV tower

The broadcast tower refers to a tall structure providing mounting space for FM radio, AM radio antennas, and TV tower is constructed to support Television antennas. We can manufacture both guyed tower and self supporting broadcast and TV tower. The structure of our broadcast tower and TV tower not only meets the requirement of broadcast and television antenna, but also is aesthetical in appearance and coordinate with the surrounding environment.

TV towers fabricated by solid steel pipe with angle or bracing members, which provides great strength, low weight and wind resistance, and economy in the use of materials. After fabrication all towers are delivered to the galvanizing facility to be Hot DIP Galvanized. Towers are processed through the facility by Caustic Cleaning, Pickling, and then Fluxing. These strict procedures insure years of maintenance free towers.

Broadcast & TV communication tower
 ASTM A36; ASTM A572, GR 50,
 Hot-DIP galvanization
 ASTM A-123
Angle steel tower ,Broadcast&TV tower ,Communications tower,Landscape Tower,Simulation tree,Three tower and Single-tube tower
Bolted&welded,flange, slip joint
Life time
 50 years at least
According to customer demand
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