Steel 3 Legs Tube Tower

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August 31, 2018
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September 7, 2018

Steel 3 Legs Tube Tower

Steel 3 Legs Tube Tower


Seamless steel pipe is used as the column material, which has small wind load coefficient and strong wind resistance. 
The tower column is connected by an outer flange, and the bolt is pulled, which is not easy to damage and reduces maintenance costs. 
The tower is arranged in a triangular shape to save steel. 
The root is small, the floor space is small, the land resources are saved, and the site selection is convenient. 
The tower body is light in weight and has a new three-leaf cutting board foundation to reduce the basic cost. 
Truss structure design, convenient transportation and installation, and short construction period. 
The tower type is designed to change with the wind load curve, and the lines are smooth. It is not easy to collapse in case of rare wind disasters, reducing human and livestock casualties. 
The design conforms to the national steel structure design code and the tower design code, and the structure is safe and reliable. 
Use range: wild self-standing tower, roof tower. 

Main parameters 

Basic design basis: Steel structure design specification (TJ17-74). 
Basic parameters: Design wind speed: 35 meters per second 
Anti-vibration: Grade 8 
Wrapped ice: 5-10 mm 
Verticality: 1/1000 
Suitable temperature: -45C-+ 45C 
anti-corrosion treatment: hot-dip galvanizing 
service life: 30 years

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