HV 66KV Transmission Line Tower Material Specification

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December 27, 2018
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January 5, 2019

HV 66KV Transmission Line Tower Material Specification

  1. Material Specification
    • Technical Specification for Towers
      • tower all parts (Legs, crossarms, joints) shall be made of rolled steel with minimal shearing strength not less than 42 Kg/mm2, and the minimal elasticity strength not less than 24 kg/mm2 for all tower types (NR, NW, NY, SR, SW, SX, SY) and shall comply with the latest norms and standards for similar applications.
      • Parts shall attend the acceptance tests listed in the international standards e.g. (IEC), ASTM (AISC) or any other equivalent standards
      • All nuts, bolts, screws and washers, etc. shall be made of steel grade (56) and hot deep galvanized.
      • Steel angles, and sheets shall be cut, perforated mechanically (shearing, sawing, blades, etc.)
      • Using heating (torch) to cut, perforating the steel is not allowed/forbidden
      • Screws length shall be enough, minimum two thread above the bolts after installation.
      • Threaded length of the screw shall be limited in a way the unthreaded part shall reach the edge of assembled parts tighten together by using plain washers.
      • All bolts will be locked by using spring washers type GROWER, in addition of plain washers, using welding and rivets is forbidden
      • Tower parts (Legs, crossarms, joints etc.) shall be hot deep galvanized in compliance with latest standard (ASTM) or similar approved norms. Hot Deep Galvanize surface weight shall not be less than 600 g/m2
      • Tower legs shall be equipped with earthing clamp (connection) to connect earthing conductor made of steel cross section 50mm2 with grounding system.
      • Tower parts shall be clearly coded (numbered) with unique reference made of numbers and letters.
      • Parts numbers (codes) shall be printed (carved) before galvanization and to remain clearly readable after galvanization.
      • The technical proposal to include the following

Towers Technical Specifications

Name of Manufacturer


Country of Origin


Standard followed for steel manufacturing


Tower steel grade (ST42)


Minimal shearing strength for tower parts ≥ 42 kg/mm2


Elasticity strength for tower parts ≥ 24 kg/mm2


Norms followed for galvanization


Galvanization weight per m2 > 600 g/m2


Galvanization method: Hot deep


Norms followed for screws manufacturing


Steel grade for washer, bolts, screws (ST56)


Hardware galvanization method: Hot deep


Other Bidders technical information




  1. play8oy says:

    What are all the design steps in transmission tower design?

    • admin says:

      step1: Make a model in staad pro.
      step 2: Give specifications for members of the tower.
      step 3: apply the loads
      step4: do analysis
      Step 5: then design
      This explains well all the procedure to design transmission tower.

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