microwave communication tower

galvanized per ASTM Standard Self-Supporting Tower 160′
June 20, 2018
where is the tallest telecommunication tower of the world
June 23, 2018

microwave communication tower

The microwave communication tower belongs to a type of signal transmission tower, also called a signal transmission tower or a signal tower. The main function supports the signal, supports the signal transmitting antenna, and is used for mobile communications, telecommunications, telecommunication, and GPS (Global Positioning System) communications. department.

Microwave tower is mostly used for microwave, ultrashort wave, wireless network signal transmission and transmission.

Microwave Antenna Radio Tower GSM Tower


Steel Tower Name   Microwave Steel Tower
Height  5-100m
Wind Speed  0-330km/h
Antenna Type  MW, GSM, CDMA etc.
Antenna Load  up to clients
Nuts and Bolts  6.8 and 8.8 available
Connection  Bolts/Nuts
Icing depth  5mm-7mm(varies by regions)
Aseismatic intensity  8°
Preference temperature  -35℃~45℃
Vertical missing  <1/1000
Ground resistance  ≤4Ω
Life Time  more than 20 years

 Tensile test,Elements analysis, Sharpy test(impact test), 

Cold Bending,  Preece test, Hammer test etc.



Yield Strength


standard Standard Title Metallic element Content

main ingredient


345 for Thickness


GB/T 1591-2008

High strength low 

alloy structural steels

C ≤0.20
Mn  ≤1.70

(ASTM A572/A572M-15 ,

EN10025 S355N)

Si ≤0.50
Accessories Q235 235 GB/T 700-2006 Carbon structural steels P ≤0.035

(ASTM A283 Gr.B ,

EN10025 S235JR)

S ≤0.035


Hot dip galvanizing Standard Steel thickness/mm

Mean coating 


Metallic element Content

Pole shafts,cross 

arms&bolted on 


ASTM A123/

A123M-15 AS/

NZS 4680

>6 85 Mn 0.25%-0.40%
<3-6 70
1.5-3 55 Cu <0.15%
<1.5 55
Bolts,nuts&washers GB/T 5267.3-2008   _____ ≥ 54 P <0.025%
(ISO 10684-2004)
Foundation bolts

ASTM A153/


  _____ ≥ 54 S <0.03%


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Communication tower features and uses

Communication tower: Divided into the ground communication tower, the roof communication tower (also known as the communication tower), regardless of whether the user chooses the ground, hills, mountains or towers to build towers, all play a role in high communication antenna.


Steel Antenna Microwave Communication Tower

50m 4 legs galvanized polygon telescopic angle mobile microwave steel tower

Increase the service radius of communication or television transmission signals to achieve ideal professional communication results. In addition, the communication tower on the roof also serves as a lightning protection ground for the building, beautiful, and aviation warning.

The communications (communication) tower is mainly used in mobile/unicom/public security/military/railway/radio-television departments to set up signal transmitting antennas or microwave transmission equipment, so this tower is also called a microwave communication tower.

mobile microwave steel tower

Production Process
The communication tower consists of tower body, platform, lightning rod, ladder, antenna support and other steel components, and is treated by hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion treatment. It is mainly used for microwave, ultra-short wave, wireless network signal transmission and transmission. In order to ensure the normal operation of the wireless communication system, the communication antenna is generally placed at the highest point to increase the service radius so as to achieve an ideal communication effect. The communication antenna must have a communication tower to increase the height, so the communication tower plays an important role in the communication network system.self supporting lattice tubular angle steel tower,telecommunication microwave tower

alvanized microwave communications tower

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