four leg self-supporting towers(SST)

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four leg self-supporting towers(SST)

four leg self-supporting towers(SST)

Self-supporting tower usually is 3-leg of 4-leg tower, and its material is steel pipe or angle steel. As for the connection, tubular tower is connected by flange, and angle steel tower is connected by nuts and bolts.Self-supporting towers are generally more expensive than guyed towers of the same height. They are often chosen where property values are high or construction space is extremely limited. Although there are towers designed with four legs, a triangular three-leg hot-dip galvanized structure is the most common tower manufactured in the Americas. Self Support Tower 2 Design styles are angular, tubular or solid leg steel in knockdown or fabricated sections.
1. Small coefficient of wind load, strong wind resistance.
2. Save land resource, convenient location.
Convenient transportation and installation.

 Height 0-45m
MaterialsQ345B and Q235
Wind speed0-180kph
Foundation typeIndependent/raft foundation/pile foundation
Tower body typeTriangular
Quality certificationsISO 9001:2008 and SGS
Design standardGB/ANSI/TIA-222-G
GalvanizedHot-dipped galvanization (86μm/65μm)
Connection structureFlange or slip joint
LifetimeMore than 30 years
Earthquake intensity
Ice coating5mm-10mm
Vertical deviation1/1000
Optimal temperature-45 to +45°C


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