Dự án Tháp ngụy trang Tân Giang Tứ Xuyên , Dự án Tháp ngụy trang Tân Giang Tứ Xuyên

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Dự án Tháp ngụy trang Tân Giang Tứ Xuyên , Dự án Tháp ngụy trang Tân Giang Tứ Xuyên

The Camouflage Cell Towers is to coordinate the tháp truyền thông với môi trường tự nhiên xung quanh, giải quyết có hiệu quả các vấn đề về xây dựng khó khăn tại các điểm danh lam thắng cảnh và những nơi khác. Sản phẩm được làm bằng nhựa tổng hợp như một chất kết dính, supplemented with high-grade chemical raw materials to make Plastic substrates, used as trees. Điêu khắc các căn cứ như thanh, cành cây, vỏ, và rễ được phun bằng sơn acrylic tiên tiến để thay đổi bề mặt và tăng cường độ bền. Nó không có phai cho 5 năm, không rạn nứt, không có tác dụng lột, and Recoatability.

Product introduction

Our factory specializes in producing bionic towers, environmental bionic towers and single tube bionic towers. Camouflage Cell Towers is to let communication iron

Sản phẩm được làm bằng nhựa tổng hợp như một chất kết dính, supplemented with high-grade chemical raw materials to form plastic objects, used as Tree poles, cành cây, Bark, root and other sculptural substrates, sprayed with advanced acrylic paint, modified surface protection, enhanced durability, no fading for 5 năm, không rạn nứt, không có tác dụng lột, và recoatability. The advantage is that it maintains all The advantages of the original single-tube tower, and has made major breakthroughs and improvements in its shape. The natural growth of pine, eucalyptus, vv. is used for the simulation of modeling samples, design sketches and computer renderings, and formulating sculptures. And the spraying process program, the camouflage simulation of the single-tube tower, so that people can not detect the existence of the tower, and integrate It into the surrounding natural environment.

The Camouflage Cell Towers is a new type of tower derived from the foundation of our company. Our company has produced a variety of bionic towers such as Yingkesong, Imitation Coconut, and Palm Tree, which are installed in some scenic areas and have been well received by The construction and tourism audiences.

Artificial ginkgo tree
Artificial Big Banyan Tree
Artificial Cherry Tree
Camouflage Pine Tree monopole
Bionic Pine Tree
Bionic Coconut palm tree
Camouflage Canary Palm Communication Tree Tower
Camouflage Pine Tree Tower
Camouflage Monopole Magnolia Tree Tower
Camouflage Monopole Pine Tree Tower
Bionic Magnolia Tree Tower
Bionic Pine Tree Tower

Product advantage

1. The structure is exquisite and realistic, and the appearance is beautiful and elegant. Because the Camouflage Cell Towers is modeled on actual plants, the shape resembles a real imitation, because it is finely crafted and installed in landscapes, công viên, plazas and trees similar To the species, close to nature and blended with nature, and a new and unique large line frame. For the traditional platform hidden in the branches and leaves will not destroy the overall beauty of the tower body, the Camouflage Cell Towers humanized shape design, with a vibrant atmosphere of the times

The structural unit of the base reinforced concrete structure, which can effectively avoid the uneven subsidence of the foundation; the feeder fixing splint is set inside the tower body, and the feeder line is protected from the Wind and rain, which effectively solves the feeder damage factor and thus prolongs its Service life; each section of the tower is finished with a finished inner flange connection to ensure concentricity and verticality, avoiding the safety hazards of other connection methods.

3. The floor space is small and the economic effect is remarkable. The tower body adopts a tapered single-tube structure, and the floor space is only 1-2 meters square, the foundation is 4-6 meters square, and there is no Need to build a base station wall, such reducing the user’s land acquisition area and saving costs (especially in towns).

4, long service life, long-lasting effect due to the relatively small external damage of the tower body, and the structure is reasonable, the materials used are excellent, so the iron tower has a longer service life; the surface is hot-dip Galvanized, the corrosion resistance is good, and the surface is equipped with The simulated bark, which simulates the bark and simulates the foliage, is a high-grade composite material that is waterproof, fireproof and anti-corrosive. It can ensure its appearance does Not peel off for a long time.

5. The production period is short and the after-sales service system is perfect. Our factory has advanced production equipment and perfect production process; a group of excellent technicians, a team of skilled workers with rich experience in production and installation; Task assigned by users in a short period of time (processing and installation of simulation towers) I plant in line with thecustomer firstprinciple, timely processing of problems found in the use of products, and according to user requirements for transformation.

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