Tegniese spesifikasies

April 6, 2018
transmissielyn Gegalvaniseerde staal rooster toring

132KV transmissielyn Gegalvaniseerde staal rooster toring Detailing en beraming

Shop Detailing and Estimation Before leaving the Manufacturer’s Works all tower members shall be hard stamped with distinguishing numbers and/or letters corresponding to distinguishing numbers and/or [...]
April 2, 2018
1000kv en onder elektriese hoek elektriese paal transmissielyn staaltoring,elektriese krag transmissie lyn staaltoring

132kv,230kv,380kv,400kV transmissielyn staaltoring Design Loads

B1.5.1 Design Loads Applied basic wind pressures shall be in accordance with those specified in B2.5.8 above. Die ontwerp moet gebaseer wees op die volgende oorwegings:- [...]
Maart 22, 2018
Power-transmission-lines Manufacturing company

230 kV Transmissielyn toring Tegniese Spesifikasies : Deel een

INTRODUCTION The works covered by these Technical Specifications form part of the Interconnection System Reinforcement Project. Hierdie deel van die projek bestaan ​​uit die ontwerp, vervaardiging, [...]
Maart 31, 2018
Kraglyn Towers - Ontwerp van Transmissie Towers

400KV Lattice Steel toring ontwerp en Ontwerp strek vir ondersteuning Locations ,Elektriese Transmissielyn staal

B1.5.1 Design Requirements The unit stresses in members and connections for the structural design calculation, gebaseer op die ontwerp laai en ontwerp ongebalanseerde laai (broken wire [...]
December 8, 2018

analise en ontwerp oorwegings van Communicatie staaltoring

Design Considerations Modern codes and standards require that a transmitting tower be designed to resist dead and live wind and earthquake loads. vragte, forces, and stresses that result from temperature changes, movements due to differential settlements, or any combination of these should also be considered. Older towers should be carefully checked to assure that no significant changes in design criteria have been required, since their original design and erection, that would increase the possibility of failure. Dead and Live Loads Dead loads consist of the weights of the members of a tower and any equipment that is permanently attached to it, including any attached signs. AM transmitting towers support only their lighting equipment. The FM transmitting tower supports its transmission line, antenna, and lighting equipment. The microwave tower must support microwave dishes, weerkaatsers, and lighting equipment. Die [...]
Mei 18, 2018
Vervaardiger Lattice Tower Tubular Tower

Kommunikasie Lattice toring ,vervaardiging Installasie

Wat is die kommunikasie rooster toring? Communication Tower Product Description: Kommunikasie toring is 'n soort van sein oordrag toring, also called signal transmission tower or signal [...]
Mei 18, 2018
steel communication tower

Kommunikasie GSM rooster toring ontwerp | 4 been GSM Self ondersteun staaltoring

Toring struktuur Design Specs 5.1 antenna te laai 5.1.1 Vierkante GSM Self ondersteun staal toring van hoogte 20m en bo: 'n. installasie van 9 numbers of GSM [...]
Mei 10, 2018

Vergelijking van 3-been pyp toring of 4-been hoek toring?

pyp toring, also named tubular tower, al die rame pyp gemaak, ander dele is pyp of hoek staal, verbind deur flens, boute, neute en ringe. [...]
April 17, 2018
transmissielyn staaltoring

Roes en beskerming van oordrag Steel Struktuur toring

abstrakte: Met die voortdurende verbetering van maatskaplike en ekonomiese ontwikkeling vlak, China se kragnetwerk konstruksie is ook voortdurend ontwikkel en gevorderde. Transmissie torings is 'n [...]
Februarie 2, 2019

Ontwerp van Angle / Spanning Type Double Circuit toring vir 110KV Transmissielyn

TYPES OF TOWERS Classification according to number of circuits: Single Circuit towers Double Circuit towers Multi – Circuit towers Classification according to use: Raaklyn / Suspension tipe toring [...]
April 10, 2018
gegalvaniseerde elektriese krag 220kV transmissie lyn Angle toring Manufacturing Workshop

Elektriese Transmissielyn gegalvaniseerde staal Lattice toring Accessories

Electrical Tower Accessories a) General Each tower shall be provided with the necessary pull-off plates, U-boute, spanning skakels, ens., at all conductor and shield wires attachment [...]
Maart 26, 2018
Galvanizing steel tower

galvanisering Vereistes , 230 kV Transmissielyn toring, deel twee

Transmission line Steel Tower Galvanizing Requirements Except where specified to the contrary, all iron and steel used in the construction of the Contract Works shall be [...]