Technical Specifications

April 6, 2018
transmission line Galvanized steel lattice tower

132KV transmission line Galvanized steel lattice tower Detailing and Estimation

Shop Detailing and Estimation Before leaving the Manufacturer’s Works all tower members shall be hard stamped with distinguishing numbers and/or letters corresponding to distinguishing numbers and/or […]
April 2, 2018
1000kv and under electric angle electric pole transmission line steel tower,electric power transmission line steel tower

132kv,230kv,380kv,400kv Transmission Line Steel Tower Design Loads

B1.5.1     Design Loads Applied basic wind pressures shall be in accordance with those specified in B2.5.8 above. The design shall be based on the following considerations:- […]
March 22, 2018
Power-transmission-lines Manufacturing company

230 kV Transmission line tower Technical Specifications : Part one

INTRODUCTION The works covered by these Technical Specifications form part of the Interconnection System Reinforcement Project. This part of the project consists of the design, manufacture, […]
March 31, 2018
Power Line Towers - Design of Transmission Towers

400KV Lattice Steel Tower Design Requirements and Design Spans for Support Locations ,Electric Transmission Line steel

B1.5.1     Design Requirements The unit stresses in members and connections for the structural design calculation, based on the design loading and design unbalanced loading (broken wire […]
December 8, 2018

analysis and Design Considerations of communiation steel tower

Design Considerations Modern codes and standards require that a transmitting tower be designed to resist dead and live wind and earthquake loads. Loads, forces, and stresses that result from temperature changes, movements due to differential settlements, or any combination of these should also be considered. Older towers should be carefully checked to assure that no significant changes in design criteria have been required, since their original design and erection, that would increase the possibility of failure. Dead and Live Loads Dead loads consist of the weights of the members of a tower and any equipment that is permanently attached to it, including any attached signs. AM transmitting towers support only their lighting equipment. The FM transmitting tower supports its transmission line, antenna, and lighting equipment. The microwave tower must support microwave dishes, reflectors, and  lighting equipment. The […]
May 18, 2018
Manufacturer Lattice Tower Tubular Tower

Communication Lattice Tower ,Manufacturing Installation

What is the Communication lattice tower? Communication Tower Product Description:  Communication tower is a kind of signal transmission tower, also called signal transmission tower or signal […]
May 18, 2018
steel communication tower

Communications GSM lattice tower design | 4 legged GSM Self supporting steel tower

Tower structure Design Specs 5.1 Antenna Loading 5.1.1 Square GSM Self supporting steel tower of height 20m and above: a. Installation of 9 numbers of GSM […]
May 10, 2018

comparision of 3-leg pipe tower or 4-leg angle tower?

Pipe tower, also named tubular tower, all the frames be made pipe, other parts is pipe or angle steel, connected by flange, bolts, nuts and washers. […]
April 17, 2018
transmission line steel tower

Corrosion and Protection of Transmission Steel Structure Tower

Abstract: With the continuous improvement of social and economic development level, China’s power grid construction has also been continuously developed and advanced. Transmission towers are an […]
February 2, 2019

Design of Angle/Tension Type Double Circuit Tower for 110kv Transmission Line

TYPES OF TOWERS Classification according to number of circuits: Single Circuit towers Double Circuit towers Multi – Circuit towers Classification according to use: Tangent/Suspension type tower […]
April 10, 2018
galvanized Electric power 220kv transmission line Angle Tower Manufacturing Workshop

Electric Transmission Line galvanized Steel Lattice Tower Accessories

Electrical Tower Accessories a) General Each tower shall be provided with the necessary pull-off plates, U-bolts, strain links, etc., at all conductor and shield wires attachment […]
March 26, 2018
Galvanizing steel tower

Galvanizing Requirements , 230 kV Transmission line tower, part two

Transmission line Steel Tower Galvanizing Requirements Except where specified to the contrary, all iron and steel used in the construction of the Contract Works shall be […]