Chimney Tower

lattice tower
January 22, 2018
Guyed tower
January 22, 2018

Chimney Tower

chimney tower frame

Chimney Tower is a steel structure supporting the chimney tube body of a tower, the structure of the form of self-supporting and pull-type, used in chemical enterprises, oil departments, flammable gas discharge equipment.

Chimney Tower is manly used to fix and repair the chimney. It is divided into four-column angle steel structure and three-column steel tube structure. The chimney is fixed in the center with hold hoop. The tube is mainly supported by steel structure support frame, including free standing type and guyed type. It is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum industry, flammable gases emission, etc. with height range from 10 to 100m. The tower material usually uses angle steel and steel tube.

The chimney is the main function of fire smoke, pull pull come in flue gas, improve combustion conditions. Inside the high buildings set up any number of stair, exhaust duct, duct, smoke evacuation and elevator well and pipe well vertical shaft, when the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature, indoor air density is small, then along the vertical channel natural rise, gap and various kinds of holes from the top part of the seepage through the Windows and doors, the cold because of the dense, low-rise infiltration supplement, this produces the chimney effect.





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